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FAQ about Webflow Pricing


How much does Webflow really cost?

Webflow offers a range of pricing plans starting from a free tier. Site plans for hosting individual websites begin at $14 per month, while Workspace plans for team collaboration start at $19 per month. The cost varies based on features and scale.


Why is Webflow so expensive?

Webflow's pricing reflects its comprehensive web design and hosting capabilities, including a visual editor, CMS, and advanced SEO tools. It's priced for its all-in-one solution, targeting professionals and businesses seeking high-quality web development tools.


Is Webflow completely free?

Webflow has a free Starter plan which allows basic website building and access to its design tools. However, for advanced features, custom domains, or larger-scale projects, paid plans are required.


Is Webflow worth the money?

For many users, Webflow is worth the investment due to its robust design tools, flexible CMS, and advanced site customization capabilities, especially for professionals and businesses focused on high-quality web design.


Which is cheaper, WordPress or Webflow?

WordPress can be cheaper initially as it offers free open-source software. However, costs for hosting, themes, plugins, and website maintenance may add up. Webflow's website plans, while starting at a higher price, include hosting and extensive features.


Is Webflow cheaper than Squarespace in 2024?

As of the beginning of 2024, Webflow and Squarespace have similar starting prices for basic plans. Webflow might offer more website customization and control, which can be more cost-effective in the long run, depending on your web development needs.


Is the pricing model for Webflow a scam?

No, Webflow's pricing model is not a scam. It offers transparent, tiered plans that cater to different user needs, from individual designers to large businesses. The pricing is considered fair for the advanced design capabilities and features provided to build your website.