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Webflow CMS Site PlanWebflow CMS Site Plan
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The Webflow CMS Plan is specifically tailored for content-rich websites like blogs, news sites, and portfolios. It falls into the category of General site plans, because it does not offer ecommerce functionalites. Designed to offer seamless content management alongside Webflow’s signature design flexibility, this plan stands out for its ease of use and advanced capabilities.

You can find more on all the various plans and costs in our Webflow pricing article.

CMS Site Plan costs

  • $23 per month when billed yearly (yearly total $276)
  • $29 per month when billed monthly (yearly total $348)

If your site plan is billed yearly, the costs of all site plans are 22% lower.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Content Creators: Ideal for bloggers, journalists, and digital creators needing a dynamic platform for diverse content types.
  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: Perfect for businesses that require regular content updates like product launches or company news.
  • Clients Needing an Easy-to-Manage CMS: Suitable for clients or agencies looking for a user-friendly content management system for their websites.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Programmatic SEO: Programmatic SEO: Suited for large-scale, SEO-optimized content generation, enabling rapid scaling with automated page creation.
  • Frequent Product and Service Updates: Keeping a business’s website current with regular updates of products, services, or portfolio items.
  • Creating a Rich Blog: Developing an engaging, multifaceted blog that can include various media types, catering to a wide audience.

Key Features of the CMS Site Plan

  • CMS Capability: Supports 2,000 CMS items for extensive content management, ideal for blogs and news sites.
  • Content Editors: Allows up to 3 editors for collaborative content management.
  • Form Submissions: Handles 1,000 monthly submissions, doubling the Basic Plan's capacity.
  • Site Search: Provides built-in search functionality to enhance navigation and user experience.
  • Bandwidth: Offers 200 GB to support increased visitor traffic.

Limitations of the CMS Site Plan

  • No Form File Upload: Lacks the capability for users to upload files via forms.
  • Slower Site Search Indexing: Site search indexing is less frequent, potentially delaying content updates in search results.
  • Limited CMS Capabilities: While robust, the CMS features may not meet the needs of very large or complex sites.

Basic vs. CMS vs. Business Site Plan Comparison

Feature Basic ($14) CMS ($23) Business ($39)
Publish to webflow.io Yes Yes Yes
Publish to a custom domain Yes Yes Yes
Remove Webflow badge Yes Yes Yes
Publishing workflows - - -
Publish summary - - -
Static pages 150 150 150
Form submissions 500/month 1000/month 2500/month
Localization preview Yes Yes Yes
Site password protection Yes Yes Yes
Page password protection Yes - Yes
Custom code Yes Yes Yes
Site search - Yes Yes
Search indexing frequency - Auto: 72 hours Manual: Daily Auto: 12 hours Manual: Hourly
Form file upload - - Yes
User Accounts 20 20 20
Logic flows 20 Logic flows; 10,000 flow executions/month 20 Logic flows; 10,000 flow executions/month 20 Logic flows; 10,000 flow executions/month
Content editors - 3 10
Backups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CMS Items - 2000 10
CMS Collections - 20 40
Fields per Collection - 30 60
References per Collection - 5 10
API requests /minute - 120 RPM 120 RPM
API access - Yes Yes

Feature Basic ($14) CMS ($23) Business ($39)
Per-item publishing and unpublishing - Yes Yes
Multi-item publishing and unpublishing - Yes Yes
Scheduled publishing - Yes Yes
Dynamic custom code embeds - Yes Yes
RSS feed - Yes Yes
Monthly visits 250 250 300
CDN Global Global Global
Bandwidth 50 GB 200 GB 400 GB
Uptime Standard agreement Standard agreement Standard agreement
301 redirects Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap controls Yes Yes Yes
Schema markup support Yes Yes Yes
Open Graph meta tags Yes Yes Yes
Structured search support Yes Yes Yes
Pre-built interactions Yes Yes Yes
Trigger-based interactions Yes Yes Yes
After Effects Lottie integration Yes Yes Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes Yes
DDoS protection Basic DoS protection Basic DoS protection Basic DoS protection
Single sign-on - - -
Custom security headers - - -
Custom SSL certificates - - -
Private webflow.io staging - - -
Billing Credit card billing Credit card billing Credit card billing
Customer support Email Email Email
Training Webflow University Webflow University Webflow University


  • Tailor-made for blogs, news sites, and portfolios, offering robust tools for managing up to 2,000 CMS items, making it perfect for content-rich platforms.
  • Supports up to 3 content editors and includes features like site search, enabling efficient teamwork and easy content management.
  • With 200 GB bandwidth and standard security features, it's well-suited for medium-traffic sites requiring reliable performance and data protection.

If you're still unsure whether the Webflow CMS Plan is the right fit for your project, contact Tunel Studio for expert guidance and tailored solutions that align with your specific needs.

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FAQ about Webflow’s CMS Site Plan


What is the CMS site plan Webflow?

Webflow's CMS Plan is designed for managing and publishing content-rich sites like blogs or portfolios, with extensive CMS tools and capabilities.


How much does CMS Webflow cost?

The Webflow CMS Plan typically starts around $23 per month, varying based on billing cycles and additional features.


What is the difference between Webflow workspace and site plan?

Workspace plans focus on team collaboration and project management, while site plans, like the CMS Plan, are tailored for specific website features and hosting.


Is Webflow CMS better than WordPress?

Webflow CMS offers advanced design control and a visual interface, preferred for design-focused users, while WordPress is known for its extensive plugin ecosystem and flexibility.


Do Webflow plans include hosting?

Yes, all Webflow site plans, including the CMS Plan, come with hosting as part of the package.