Webflow Standard Ecommerce Plan

Webflow Standard Ecommerce PlanWebflow Standard Ecommerce Plan
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The Webflow Standard Ecommerce Plan is the first and cheapest of the three Webflow ecommerce plans. It is engineered for new businesses venturing into the online market. At an affordable monthly rate, this plan offers essential ecommerce features, including a decent volume of products and variants, making it an excellent entry point for small to medium-sized online stores.

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Standard Ecommerce Plan Costs

  • $29 per month when billed yearly (yearly total $348)
  • $42 per month when billed monthly (yearly total $504)

Opting for yearly billing saves you up to 30%.

Essentially an upgrade to the CMS Site Plan, the Standard Ecommerce Plan adds robust ecommerce functionalities for just $6 more per month when billed yearly, maintaining all the benefits of the CMS Plan for an enhanced online retail experience.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Emerging Online Stores: Ideal for businesses beginning their ecommerce journey, offering an array of tools to kickstart online sales.
  • Small to Medium Business Owners: Tailored for SMEs aiming to manage an online inventory efficiently without overwhelming costs.
  • Entrepreneurs: Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to test the market with a limited number of products.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Launching Your Online Store: Webflow’s platform is designed for ease of use, allowing you to quickly set up a store and sell a range of products with a cap of 500 distinct ecommerce items, such as products, variants, and categories.
  • Managing Your Content: Alongside ecommerce capabilities, you can manage a diverse and extensive content library with Webflow’s CMS, supporting up to 2,000 items that can include blog posts, articles, and additional page content, separate from your ecommerce inventory.
  • Building a Custom Brand Experience: With Webflow, you have the creative freedom to design and customize your checkout and shopping cart to align with your brand, providing a seamless and distinctive shopping experience for your customers.

Key Features of the Standard Ecommerce Plan

  • Ecommerce and Content Management: Manage a diverse online store with up to 500 ecommerce products, variants, and categories, complemented by a robust CMS capable of handling 2,000 items for detailed product descriptions and additional content.
  • Design and Customization: Customize your checkout and shopping cart designs to align with your brand identity, offering a unique and personal shopping experience.
  • Comprehensive Shipping and Tax Tools: Configure manual shopping rules to define specific shipping regions and rates, along with automatic tax calculation at checkout, ensuring a streamlined buying process and compliance with regional tax regulations.
  • Marketing Tools: Utilize integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, and Mailchimp to enhance your marketing efforts, helping to drive sales and improve customer engagement.

Limitations of the Standard Ecommerce Plan

  • Item Cap: Limited to 500 ecommerce items, posing challenges for businesses with large inventories or those focusing on volume and variety, especially smaller shops aiming for low-margin, high-volume sales.
  • Transaction Fees: A 2% transaction fee on sales might significantly impact businesses selling a smaller quantity of high-priced items, where the item limit is less relevant but the cost per transaction is more substantial.
  • Branded Emails: Inability to remove Webflow branding from transaction emails may limit customization options for businesses seeking a fully branded customer experience from start to finish.

Standard vs. Plus vs. Advanced Ecommerce Plan Comparison

Feature Standard ($29) Plus ($74) Advanced ($212)
Ecommerce items 500 5 15
CMS items 2 10 10
Custom checkout Yes Yes Yes
Custom shopping cart Yes Yes Yes
Paid user accounts 20 20 20
Email product fields Yes Yes Yes
Email customization Yes Yes Yes
Unbranded Emails - Yes Yes
Transaction fee 2% 0% 0%
Stripe powered payments Yes Yes Yes
PayPal support Yes Yes Yes
Apple Pay and Web Payments Yes Yes Yes
Automatic tax calculation Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited sales volume Yes Yes Yes
Facebook and Instagram integration Yes Yes Yes
Google Shopping integration Yes Yes Yes
Mailchimp integration Yes Yes Yes
Custom code integration Yes Yes Yes
Configure manual shopping rules Yes Yes Yes
Staff accounts 3 10 15


  • Retain customers through effective SEO and content strategies. With up to 2,000 CMS items, it's perfect for creating engaging, SEO-optimized content, offering an all-in-one platform that's easy to manage.
  • Personalizing the shopping cart and checkout designs, the plan ensures a unique and engaging buyer’s journey, reflecting your brand’s identity and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • It provides a robust starting point for new online businesses. It includes essential ecommerce tools like product and category management, automatic tax calculations, and basic marketing integrations.

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FAQ about Webflow’s Standard Ecommerce Plan


Does Webflow offer ecommerce?

Yes, Webflow provides ecommerce plans with integrated tools for building online stores. These tools allow for the creation of product variants, categories, and sophisticated inventory management systems. Additionally, Webflow's ecommerce solutions enable users to craft tailored, custom shopping experiences.


Is Webflow ecommerce worth it?

Webflow's ecommerce provides a worthwhile investment due to its comprehensive design customization, robust CMS for product management, and seamless integration with marketing tools, all without the need for coding.


What is the ecommerce limit for Webflow?

On Webflow's Standard Ecommerce Plan, you can sell up to 500 unique ecommerce items, including products, variants, and categories, which caters well to small and emerging online stores.


Does Webflow take a percentage of sales?

Yes, Webflow applies a 2% transaction fee on the Standard Ecommerce Plan, which is in addition to any payment processor fees like Stripe or PayPal, making it a cost-effective solution for new e-commerce ventures.


How much is Webflow vs Shopify?

Webflow's ecommerce offerings begin at $29 per month when billed annually, with the most advanced plan costing $212 per month, offering up to 15,000 ecommerce items and zero transaction fees. In contrast, Shopify's plans start at a similar monthly rate but can increase based on additional features and apps. Shopify's higher-tier plans provide extensive app integrations and more advanced features for large-scale businesses.