Webflow General Site Plans & Pricing

Webflow General Site Plans & PricingWebflow General Site Plans & Pricing
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Webflow's General Site Plans are tailored to fit a wide range of website needs, from showcasing your portfolio to launching a full-scale business website. This guide offers a deep dive into each of the 5 available plans, highlighting unique features, limitations, and best use cases.

Overview of Webflow's General Site Plans & Prices

Starting with the free Starter plan for basic websites, the plans scale up to meet the demands of larger, more complex sites.

Starter Plan - Ideal for small projects and personal sites

  • Free, best for users just starting out or with basic web presence needs.

Basic Plan - Suited for simple websites

  • $14/month (billed yearly)
  • $18/month (billed monthly)

CMS Plan - Designed for content-driven sites

  • $23/month (billed yearly)
  • $29/month (billed monthly)

Business Plan - Perfect for high traffic sites and larger projects

  • $39/month (billed yearly)
  • $49/month (billed monthly)

Enterprise Plan - Tailored for large-scale business needs

  • Custom pricing, dependent on specific requirements and scale of use.

Plan Price Ideal For Key Features
Starter Free Small personal projects, testing Webflow.io domain and hosting
Basic features
2 Static pages
Basic $14 - $18 Simple static websites without CMS Custom domain
150 Static Pages
CMS $23 - $29 Content-rich sites like blogs 2,000 CMS items
200GB bandwidth
3 content editors
Business $39 - $49 High traffic sites, larger projects 10,000 CMS items
Form file upload
10 content editors
Enterprise Custom Large-scale enterprise needs Tailored solutions
Dedicated support
Advanced Security

Detailed Breakdown of Each General Site Plan

Each plan in Webflow’s general site plans is crafted to provide the right mix of features and scalability, ensuring that whether you're starting small or aiming big, there's a plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Starter Plan

(Always FREE)

  • Ideal for: Personal portfolio pages without a custom domain name. Also, a great starting point to learn and hone in your skills on Webflow.
  • Key Features: This plan includes the essentials with Webflow hosting and access to its design tools as well as, to a limited degree, the CMS. You can create up to 2 static pages, and have 50 form submissions (lifetime). It's great for users who are just getting started with web design and Webflow or for projects that require basic web presence.

Basic Plan

($14/month when billed yearly)

  • Ideal for: Simple websites that don't require a CMS, like portfolio sites or small business landing pages.
  • Static Pages: 150
  • CMS Items: 0
  • Form Submissions: 500
  • Content Editors: 0
  • Bandwidth and Visitors: 50GB, 250k visitors

Key Features:

  • Custom domain
  • Password protection
  • Custom code

CMS Plan

($23/month when billed yearly)

  • Ideal for: Content-rich sites like blogs or small media outlets.
  • Static Pages: 150
  • CMS Items: 2,000
  • Form Submissions: 1,000
  • Content Editors: 3
  • Bandwidth and Visitors: 200GB, 250k visitors

Key Features:

  • Site Search
  • Content Editors
  • CMS

Business Plan

($39/month when billed yearly)

  • Ideal for: High traffic websites and more substantial projects.
  • Static Pages: 150
  • CMS Items: 10,000
  • Form Submissions: 2,500
  • Content Editors: 10
  • Bandwidth and Visitors: 400GB, 300k visitors

Key features:

  • Form File Upload
  • Better Search Indexing Frequency
  • Raised limits for major features

Enterprise Plan

(Custom Pricing)

  • Ideal for: This plan is designed for large-scale business needs where standard plans don’t suffice.
  • Key features: Advanced security options, dedicated support, and other premium functionalities, making it suitable for large businesses and organizations requiring a robust online presence.

The Enterprise Plan's cost is tailored to your specific needs. The price scales accordingly to features or capacity you require (for example higher traffic capacity, or more CMS items). This flexibility ensures that you only pay for what you truly need, making it ideal for large businesses with specific web demands.

Core Features of Webflow General Site Plans

Every Webflow General Site Plan comes packed with a set of core features. Here's what you can expect across all plans:

  • Responsive Design Tools: Responsive design capabilities, so your site looks great on any device.
  • Webflow Hosting: Fast and reliable hosting, speed and uptime on every plan.
  • SEO: Built-in SEO tools to optimize your site for higher organic visibility and cheaper ads.
  • Custom Domain: Connect your own domain name to your website.
  • Webflow Editor: Easy-to-use visual editor to update and publish content safely, right on your page.
  • Security Features: Keep your site safe with standard SSL certificates and basic DDoS protection.
  • Integration Capabilities: Integrate with various tools and apps, like Hubspot and Zapier, to extend your website’s functionality and improve efficiency.
  • Design Flexibility: Webflow’s extensive design tools in the Designer.
  • User Accounts: Allow visitors to log in and unlock gated content.
  • Logic Flows: Automate workflows on your site.
  • Form Submissions: Collect form submissions, customize notification emails, and download submissions as a CSV (comma-separated values) file.


  • Webflow's General Site Plans are ideal for hosting websites on custom domains for a variety of purposes, with separate Ecommerce Plans available for online store needs.
  • There are five distinct plans available, each an upgrade from the previous, offering different features while sharing core functionalities like responsive design tools, Webflow hosting, and SEO management.
  • Switching between plans is simple and cost-effective, allowing upgrades at any time with payment adjustments based only on the difference between your current plan and the new one.

Need help selecting the right Webflow Site Plan for your project? Reach out to us for expert advice, to make your website a success with the ideal plan.

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FAQ about Webflow General Site Plans & Pricing


Can I host multiple websites under one Webflow General Site Plan?

In Webflow, each General Site Plan is for a single website. If you want to host multiple websites, each will need its own individual plan.


Are there any discounts available for nonprofit organizations or educational institutions?

Webflow does offer discounts for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions for the Basic, CMS, and Business Site Plans for twelve months. There are no discounts on Ecommerce Plans. It's best to contact Webflow directly with proof of non-profit status.


How does Webflow's bandwidth limit impact website performance, and what happens if I exceed it?

Bandwidth limits in Webflow can affect how much data your site can handle. If you exceed these limits, Webflow won’t automatically throttle your website performance but rather notify you and offer options to upgrade your plan to accommodate higher traffic.


Can I integrate third-party tools or plugins with Webflow General Site Plans?

Yes, Webflow supports integration with a wide range of third-party tools. This allows for enhanced functionality on your website beyond what's available in the standard Webflow features.


Is there a trial period for Webflow’s General Site Plans, and what features are included?

Webflow offers a free version of its platform, which acts like a trial. You can design and build your site, but to go live with a custom domain, you’ll need a paid plan. The free version includes basic design and hosting features.