Webflow Advanced Ecommerce Plan

Webflow Advanced Ecommerce PlanWebflow Advanced Ecommerce Plan
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The Webflow Advanced Ecommerce Plan is the ultimate solution for large-scale ecommerce businesses. It is the highest of all of the Webflow ecommerce plans, both in terms of limits and costs. It includes up to 15,000 ecommerce items, making it the go-to choice for businesses with extensive product ranges and high-volume sales.

This plan also includes all of the Webflow business plan features. One of the perks is having up to 10,000 CMS items apart from the 15,000 ecommerce items. To learn more about the various Webflow plans, you check out our comprehensive Webflow pricing and plans article.

Advanced Ecommerce Plan Costs

  • $212 per month when billed yearly (yearly total $2,544)
  • $235 per month when billed monthly (yearly total $2,820)

Choosing yearly billing offers up to 30% cost saving.

Expanding upon the Plus Ecommerce Plan, the Advanced Ecommerce Plan serves as the pinnacle of Webflow's ecommerce offerings. It's designed to meet the demands of even the largest online stores, providing an extensive array of ecommerce tools and capabilities. It also includes all of the Business Site Plan, features.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Large Ecommerce Operations: Perfect for businesses with extensive product catalogs requiring space for up to 15,000 ecommerce items.
  • High-Volume Online Retailers: Designed for stores with significant sales volumes and a need for robust ecommerce tools.
  • Large Teams: The perfect choice for businesses with sizable teams, as the plan supports up to 15 members having access to the Editor.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Managing Massive Inventories: Accommodates up to 15,000 ecommerce items, catering to large-scale online stores with extensive product ranges.
  • Handling High Sales Volumes: Equipped to manage significant transaction volumes with zero transaction fees, enhancing profitability.
  • Optimized for High Traffic and Scalability: Handles substantial visitor traffic, even during traffic spikes, ensuring reliability and stability for your online store at all times.

Key Features of the Advanced Ecommerce Plan

  • Highest Ecommerce Capacity: Supports up to 15,000 ecommerce items, meeting the needs of the largest online stores.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Facilitates efficient management with the ability to add up to 15 staff accounts, promoting teamwork and streamlined operations.
  • Optimized for Peak Performance: Designed to handle high-traffic events seamlessly, ensuring a smooth customer experience even during peak sales periods.

Limitations of the Advanced Ecommerce Plan

  • Cost Consideration: The highest-priced Webflow plan in general, apart from Enterprise, which may be a significant investment for small businesses.
  • Items Limit: Even 15,000 ecommerce items might be restrictive for some very large online stores or marketplaces. Currently, there is no higher item limit option available. There is no Webflow Enterprise solution either.

Standard vs. Plus vs. Advanced Ecommerce Plan Comparison

Feature Standard ($29) Plus ($74) Advanced ($212)
Ecommerce items 500 5 15
CMS items 2 10 10
Custom checkout Yes Yes Yes
Custom shopping cart Yes Yes Yes
Paid user accounts 20 20 20
Email product fields Yes Yes Yes
Email customization Yes Yes Yes
Unbranded Emails - Yes Yes
Transaction fee 2% 0% 0%
Stripe powered payments Yes Yes Yes
PayPal support Yes Yes Yes
Apple Pay and Web Payments Yes Yes Yes
Automatic tax calculation Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited sales volume Yes Yes Yes
Facebook and Instagram integration Yes Yes Yes
Google Shopping integration Yes Yes Yes
Mailchimp integration Yes Yes Yes
Custom code integration Yes Yes Yes
Configure manual shopping rules Yes Yes Yes
Staff accounts 3 10 15


  • Highest available ecommerce plan in Webflow, with up to 15,000 ecommerce items
  • The absence of transaction fees on the Advanced Plan makes it highly attractive for stores with high sales volumes, allowing you to retain more of your profits.
  • This plan ensures your online store stays operational and fast, even during busy sales periods or with a high number of visitors, making it a dependable choice for busy store owners.

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FAQ about Webflow’s Advanced Ecommerce Plan


How does the Advanced Plan's support for 15,000 items benefit large online stores?

The 15,000-item limit on the Advanced Plan caters to extensive product ranges, allowing large stores to offer a wide variety of products and variants, crucial for diverse and expansive inventories.


Can the Advanced Plan accommodate seasonal spikes in traffic and sales?

Absolutely, the Advanced Plan is engineered to handle surges in traffic and sales, such as during holiday seasons or promotional events, ensuring your store remains stable and responsive during critical business periods.


What kind of support does Webflow offer for Advanced Plan users?

Advanced Plan users receive prioritized support from Webflow, including access to comprehensive resources and a dedicated support team, ensuring prompt and effective assistance for any queries or issues.


How does the Advanced Plan integrate with major payment gateways?

The plan seamlessly integrates with leading payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, including support for Apple Pay and Web Payments, facilitating smooth and secure transactions for a diverse customer base.


How does the Advanced Plan compare to similar Shopify plans?

Comparing Webflow's Advanced Plan to Shopify's equivalent, Webflow offers 15,000 items, zero transaction fees, and superior customization at $212/month. It's great for large-scale businesses needing advanced features and team collaboration. While Shopify excels in ease of use, choose based on your specific needs and scalability.