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As a branding and development studio, our journey started with a group of individuals who shared a common passion for the creative process. This shared enthusiasm ignited a spark that led us to establish our studio, eager to make a meaningful impact in the world of branding and website development.

From the very beginning, we recognized the importance of quality and understood that focusing on fewer projects would enable us to delve deeper into our work. By narrowing our focus, we aim to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of attention, expertise, and creativity.

Nemanja Janjic Black And White

Nemanja janjić

Creative director

Tamara Tubak Black And White

Tamara tubak

Art director

Aleksandar Cvijanovic Black And White

aleksandar cvijanović

SEO & strategist


The Synergy Behind The Success

Our collaborative approach ensures seamless coordination and communication among the team members involved in design, development, branding, SEO, and copywriting.

By having all the necessary expertise under one roof, we can maintain a consistent vision and brand identity throughout the website creation process. This streamlined workflow leads to a more efficient and cohesive end product.