Webflow Plus Ecommerce Plan

Webflow Plus Ecommerce PlanWebflow Plus Ecommerce Plan
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The Webflow Plus Ecommerce Plan is designed for businesses looking to scale their online presence. It is the second of three Webflow ecommerce plans. With an increased limit on ecommerce items and additional features tailored to growing businesses, this plan is a perfect fit for medium-sized e-stores aiming for expansion.

The Webflow Plus Ecommerce Plan includes all Business site plan features. You can read our Webflow pricing article to learn in-depth about all of Webflow's plans and features.

Plus Ecommerce Plan Costs

  • $74 per month when billed yearly (yearly total $888)
  • $84 per month when billed monthly (yearly total $1,008)

Choosing yearly billing offers up to 30% cost saving.

The Plus Ecommerce Plan integrates extensive ecommerce features, costing $74 monthly ($35 more then just the Business Site Plan), and includes all the capabilities of the Business Plan to support larger and rapidly growing online businesses.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Expanding Online Retailers: Ideal for medium-sized ecommerce businesses seeking to grow their product range and online reach.
  • Businesses with Diverse Inventories: Suited for stores with a wider array of products, offering space for up to 5,000 ecommerce items.
  • Brands Focusing on Customer Experience: Perfect for brands that prioritize a customized, seamless shopping experience for their customers.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Expanding Product Catalogs: Supports a broader product range with the capacity for up to 5,000 ecommerce items, meeting the demands of growing inventories.
  • Enhancing Customer Engagement: Utilize advanced tools for a more personalized shopping journey, including unbranded emails (removing the Webflow branding from them) and comprehensive marketing integrations.
  • Streamlining Ecommerce Operations: With higher limits on staff accounts and efficient management tools, businesses can optimize their ecommerce processes for better efficiency and customer service.

Key Features of the Plus Ecommerce Plan

  • Increased Ecommerce Capacity: Manage up to 5,000 ecommerce items, from products to variants, providing ample space for expanding product lines.
  • Unbranded Emails: Send transaction emails without Webflow branding, allowing for a fully customized and brand-aligned communication.
  • Staff Account Support: Offer access to the Editor for up to 10 staff accounts, enhancing team collaboration and management efficiency.
  • Zero Transaction Fees: Benefit from no additional transaction fees, making it more cost-effective for higher sales volumes.

Standard vs. Plus vs. Advanced Ecommerce Plan Comparison

Feature Standard ($29) Plus ($74) Advanced ($212)
Ecommerce items 500 5 15
CMS items 2 10 10
Custom checkout Yes Yes Yes
Custom shopping cart Yes Yes Yes
Paid user accounts 20 20 20
Email product fields Yes Yes Yes
Email customization Yes Yes Yes
Unbranded Emails - Yes Yes
Transaction fee 2% 0% 0%
Stripe powered payments Yes Yes Yes
PayPal support Yes Yes Yes
Apple Pay and Web Payments Yes Yes Yes
Automatic tax calculation Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited sales volume Yes Yes Yes
Facebook and Instagram integration Yes Yes Yes
Google Shopping integration Yes Yes Yes
Mailchimp integration Yes Yes Yes
Custom code integration Yes Yes Yes
Configure manual shopping rules Yes Yes Yes
Staff accounts 3 10 15

Limitations of the Plus Ecommerce Plan

  • Price Point: Higher monthly costs, which might be a consideration for smaller businesses or startups.
  • Product Limit: While 5,000 items cater to many businesses, it may not suffice for large-scale retailers with extensive inventories.


  • Supporting up to 5,000 ecommerce items and enhanced marketing tools, this plan is ideal for businesses in the growth phase.
  • The ability to send unbranded emails and customize key customer touchpoints aligns perfectly with brands looking to establish a strong identity.
  • The increase in staff accounts and no transaction fees contribute to an efficient and cost-effective operational model for mid-sized online stores.

Looking to scale your ecommerce business with Webflow? Tunel Studio can provide expert guidance and support in maximizing the benefits of the Plus Ecommerce Plan.

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FAQ about Webflow’s Plus Ecommerce Plan


Can I upgrade from the Standard to the Plus Ecommerce Plan?

Yes, upgrading is straightforward and preserves your existing setup. It enhances your store's capabilities with higher product limits and additional features.


Benefits of unbranded emails in the Plus Ecommerce Plan?

Unbranded emails enhance brand consistency and professionalism, allowing for complete customization to align with your business’s branding strategy.


How does the Plus Plan handle high-traffic events?

The Plus Plan is equipped to efficiently manage high-traffic scenarios, offering enhanced bandwidth and server resources to handle spikes during sales or product launches.


Additional marketing tools in the Plus Ecommerce Plan?

The Plus Plan includes advanced marketing integrations like Google Shopping and Mailchimp, providing more comprehensive tools for targeted campaigns and customer engagement.


Level of customer support with the Plus Ecommerce Plan?

Webflow Plus Plan subscribers receive prioritized customer support, ensuring faster responses and dedicated assistance for your ecommerce queries and needs.