Webflow Agency Workspace Plan

Webflow Agency Workspace PlanWebflow Agency Workspace Plan
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The Webflow Agency Workspace Plan is designed for web design agencies that manage large amounts of client projects. It is the more expensive of the Webflow Workspace Plans suitable for freelancers and agencies. It provides the most advanced features and highest limits barring the Enterprise plan. Read more about the various features and capabilities of certain plans in our Webflow pricing article.

Agency Workspace Plan Costs

  • $16 per user/month when billed yearly (yearly total $192 per user)
  • $24 per user/month when billed monthly (yearly total $288 per user)

If you choose yearly billing you can save up to 33%.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Large Agency Teams: It is specifically designed for larger agencies that frequently work on more than ten projects simultaneously and need more than three team members in their workspace. This plan meets the needs of agencies that have outgrown smaller team structures and demand a comprehensive set of tools for efficient collaboration and high-quality project execution.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Extensive Project Management: Manage numerous client projects with unlimited Webflow.io staging sites, each supporting up to 150 pages and full CMS access.
  • Professional Client Presentations: Use the feature to remove Webflow branding from staging sites for polished client demonstrations.
  • Collaborative Design and Development: Precise control over who can modify the design and content, even on individual websites, ensuring that each team member has the appropriate level of access for their role.

Key Features of the Agency Workspace Plan

  • Team Size and Collaboration: Support for up to nine users with full design access, plus additional guest and commenter slots.
  • Unlimited Staging Sites: Offers unlimited Webflow.io staging sites for extensive project development and client presentations.
  • Advanced Customization: Provides custom code integration and the ability to remove the Webflow badge from staging sites for a more professional look.

Limitations of the Agency Workspace Plan

  • User Capacity Limit: The plan supports a maximum of nine users, which might be limiting for very large agency teams needing more extensive collaboration capabilities.
  • Limited Support and Payment Options: The plan provides email support but lacks a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Additionally, payments are restricted to credit card transactions, without the option for invoicing.

Starter (Free) vs. Freelancer vs. Agency Workspace Plan Comparison

Feature Starter (Free) Freelancer ($16) Agency ($35)
Team size 1 user Up to 3 users Up to 9 users
Full design access role Yes Yes Yes
Content editing role - Yes Yes
Billing permissions - Yes Yes
Publishing permissions - - Yes
Free Agency or Freelancer Guests Up to 2 guests Up to 2 guests Up to 2 guests
Free commenters Up to 2 commenters Up to 10 commenters Up to 10 commenters
Webflow.io staging sites 2 10 Unlimited
Pages per staged site 2 150 150
Custom code - Yes Yes
Site password protection - Yes Yes
Remove Webflow badge on staged sites - - Yes
Launch with a custom domain Requires a site plan Requires a site plan Requires a site plan
Site transfer Yes Yes Yes
Code export - Yes Yes
Support Email Email Email
Payment - Credit Card Credit Card


  • Designed to cater to the needs of large web design agencies, offering robust tools for comprehensive project management and collaboration.
  • Highest available workspace plan for non-in-house teams.
  • Unlimited amounts of unstaged sites, great for large amounts of simultaneous projects and experimentation

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FAQ about Webflow’s Agency Workspace Plan


How does the Agency Plan support large team collaboration?

The Agency Plan supports up to nine users and provides unlimited staging sites, allowing large teams to work on multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining efficient collaboration.


Can the Agency Plan handle multiple large-scale projects?

Yes, with its capacity for unlimited staging sites and a high user limit, the Agency Plan is well-equipped to handle multiple large-scale projects effectively.


Is the Agency Plan suitable for small web design agencies?

While it offers advanced features, smaller agencies might find the plan more extensive and costlier than needed for their project scale.


How does the Agency Plan compare to the Freelancer Plan?

The Agency Plan is more suited for larger teams with more complex project needs, offering more user slots and advanced features compared to the Freelancer Plan, which is tailored for individual designers or smaller teams.


What is the difference between Webflow Growth and Agency?

Both are the highest-tier workspace plans apart from Enterprise. The Growth Plan is designed for large in-house teams, providing more granular control over project management and publishing permissions. The Agency Plan, catering to large agencies, offers full CMS access, suitable for managing extensive and varied content across multiple projects.