Webflow Enterprise Pricing & Plans

Webflow Enterprise Pricing & PlansWebflow Enterprise Pricing & Plans
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Webflow Enterprise goes beyond what conventional Webflow pricing & plans offer; it's a solution created for large businesses and corporations with more complex needs. 

There is no one-size-fits-all enterprise plan. Webflow Enterprise is adjusted to the unique requirements of your business, ensuring that the tools and features you pay for align perfectly with your needs.

Webflow Enterprise Pricing Structure

Once you are in the position that Webflow's general site plans that Webflow offers are not enough for your business, you can contact Webflow’s friendly sales team and discuss your needs with them. Depending on your needs you will get a tailored solution and price. The higher a limit you need, or the more different services you use, the pricing scales accordingly.

Webflow Enterprise for Site Plans

Here's a detailed list of the distinctive site plan capabilities of Webflow Enterprise:

  • Publishing Workflows and Summary: Safeguard your site's integrity with controlled publishing. This feature isolates staged changes from the live Designer interface. You can also get a summary of changes before publishing. This can reduce the risk of unintended changes going live.
  • User Accounts: Ability to create over 20,000 user accounts for gated content.
  • Logic Flows: Go over the limit of creating 20 flows and 10000 flow executions per month.
  • Content Editors: Custom number of content editors. Necessary if your needs exceed 10 editors.
  • CMS Items: Webflow Enterprise supports over 10,000 CMS items, allowing for a broader range of pages or list items, like blog posts or menu items.
  • API Requests: Higher threshold of API requests per minute. You can get a custom solution that exceeds the 120 requests per minute limit.
  • Monthly Visits: You can accommodate over 300,000 unique monthly site visits, crucial for popular sites.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): Ensure faster page loads globally with a custom CDN setup. This network utilizes the nearest server to your site visitors, optimizing load times.
  • Bandwidth: Webflow Enterprise plans offer substantial bandwidth, custom solutions upwards of 400GB monthly, to support high-traffic sites without performance hiccups.
  • Uptime SLA: The uptime Service Level Agreement guarantees significant website availability, ensuring consistent online presence essential for business operations.
  • Advanced DDoS Protection: Provides an even more advanced and robust defense against DDoS attacks, maintaining uninterrupted website functionality and security.
  • Billing (Pay by Invoice): This offers a more flexible and enterprise-friendly approach to billing, catering to the financial processes of larger organizations.
  • Customer Support (Customer Success Manager and Training): Dedicated support means having a go-to expert for your specific needs, coupled with guided onboarding and training to maximize the use of Webflow’s features.

Webflow Enterprise for Workspaces

If the regular Webflow workspace plans are not fulfilling your company needs, there are options on the Enterprise plan. It offers significantly expanded or unlimited feature capacities:

  • Uncapped Team Size: The Enterprise Plan can support an unlimited number of paid users, ensuring that your growing team has access to Webflow's powerful features.
  • Site-Specific Access Control: Fine-tune access permissions with the ability to control which sites your teammates and guests can access. This ensures that sensitive projects are only accessible to certain users, enhancing security and project integrity.
  • Free Agency or Freelancer Guests: You can invite up to 10 agency or freelancer guests into your Workspace.
  • Free Commenters: You can invite up to 30 comment-only users into your Workspace.
  • Customizable Pages per Staged Site: You can have a custom number of pages per staged site, way over the 150 pages limit. This flexibility is essential for managing large-scale enterprise websites.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Support: Enhance security and streamline your team's login process with Single Sign-On support, simplifying access across your organization while maintaining high security standards.
  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from personalized support with access to a Customer Success Manager, ensuring that your enterprise receives the attention and expertise it requires to thrive.
  • Billing (Pay by Invoice): Instead of credit card, enterprise plan customers get charged by invoice.

Enterprise-Exclusive Features

Besides higher limits, the Enterprise plan also has special features just for enterprise users:

  • Site Activity Log and API: Gain insights with a historical log of changes made to your sites, along with API access for querying events from the log, ensuring transparency in your operations.
  • Page Branching and Branch Staging: Streamline design and development workflows by enabling multiple designers to work on separate pages in parallel and publish branches to their own staging environments for faster testing and iterations.
  • Private Staging: Restrict access to staged sites to logged-in members of your Workspace, ensuring that ongoing work remains confidential until ready for public viewing.
  • Custom Staging Domains: Achieve more granular control with the ability to add custom staging domains to your sites.
  • Publishing Workflows and Publish Summary: Mitigate the risk of unintended changes going live with advanced publishing workflows that isolate your staged site from changes in the Designer and provide a summary of changes prior to publishing.
  • Advanced Permissions: More control who can make critical, global design changes.

Webflow Enterprise for Localization

Webflow's Enterprise plan is also available in Webflow Localization. It offers various benefits and unique features only available to Enterprises:

  • Custom Number of Locales: Unlike the set limits in other plans, Enterprise allows for a custom number of locales to match the scale of global businesses.
  • Unrestricted Machine-powered Translation: Translate without boundaries with a custom allowance that surpasses the word count limits of other plans.
  • Style Localization: A feature unique to Enterprise, adjust styles and typography to suit each locale's cultural preferences.
  • Element Visibility per Locale: Enterprise users can show or hide elements per locale, allowing for tailored content visibility across different markets.

Webflow Enterprise for Ecommerce

Currently, Webflow doesn't offer a specific Enterprise plan for ecommerce. However, businesses have the flexibility to extend their ecommerce capabilities, such as embedding product listings from platforms like Shopify, through the use of dedicated apps and integrations, allowing for a more customized online store experience.


  • Webflow Enterprise adapts to your business needs, from pricing to features.
  • You get assigned a dedicated success manager for any help you need.
  • Enterprise-grade security like Advanced DDoS protection, SSO, custom SSL, custom security headers, HSTS, MSAs and more.

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FAQ about Webflow Enterprise Pricing


Is Webflow good for enterprise?

Yes, Webflow is ideal for enterprises. It provides scalable, customizable, and secure web solutions, suited for high-traffic sites. Key features include extensive design options, advanced security, reliable uptime, and collaborative tools, along with dedicated customer support, making it a robust choice for large businesses.


What Differentiates Webflow Enterprise Pricing from Other Plans?

Webflow Enterprise offers custom solutions tailored to large-scale businesses. Unlike standard plans, it provides advanced features like higher traffic capacity, enhanced security, dedicated support, and more customization options. The pricing reflects these additional services and capabilities.


How Is Webflow Enterprise Pricing Determined?

Pricing is based on the specific needs of your business. Factors include the scale of your website, traffic volume, security needs, number of user accounts, and any additional features required for your operation.


Is There a Minimum Commitment Period for Webflow Enterprise?

Typically, Webflow Enterprise plans come with an annual commitment. However, terms can vary based on the agreement between Webflow and the enterprise client.


What Are the Key Features Included in Webflow Enterprise?

The Webflow Enterprise plan includes key features like dedicated technical support, advanced security measures, higher traffic limits, expanded CMS item capacity, customizable API requests, and a scalable CDN for enhanced global website performance.