Webflow Growth Workspace Plan for In-House Teams

Webflow Growth Workspace Plan for In-House TeamsWebflow Growth Workspace Plan for In-House Teams
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The Webflow Growth Workspace Plan is designed specifically for medium-sized in-house teams. It is the most expensive of all of the paid Workspace plans available, before for the Enterprise plan. It is the highest readily available workspace plan for in-house teams, offering enhanced features and increased limits.

To learn more about all of Webflow's plans and their features, check out our comprehensive Webflow pricing article.

Growth Workspace Plan Costs

  • $49 per user/month when billed yearly (yearly total $588 per user)
  • $60 per user/month when billed monthly (yearly total $720 per user)

Yearly billing offers up to 32% in cost savings.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Medium-Sized Teams (Up to 9 Members): Optimized for teams with up to nine members, this plan facilitates collaborative web design and development, providing each member with full access to Webflow's design tools.
  • Agencies and Expanding Businesses: Best for agencies and businesses scaling up their operations, needing advanced project management features like unlimited staging sites and more extensive page limits per site.
  • Teams Juggling Numerous Projects: Ideal for teams handling several projects simultaneously. The plan offers unlimited Webflow.io staging sites, allowing for parallel development, testing, and client presentations without site limits.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Publishing Permissions: Designate which team members can publish specific sites, enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring quality control for each project.
  • Unlimited Staging Sites: Maximize your team's ability to experiment and refine multiple projects at once, using the unlimited staging sites feature for extensive testing and development phases.
  • Team Collaboration: Utilize the plan’s capacity to effectively organize and manage a medium-sized team, ensuring smooth collaboration and task distribution for up to nine members, enhancing overall project efficiency.

Key Features of the Growth Workspace Plan

  • Unlimited Staging and Development Tools: Provides unlimited Webflow.io staging sites with up to 150 pages per site, facilitating expansive testing and development of multiple projects.
  • Professional Presentation with No Webflow Branding: Allows for the removal of the Webflow badge on staged sites, offering a more professional and brand-focused presentation during the development and client review stages.
  • Publishing Permissions Management: Offers granular control over which team members can publish specific sites, enabling precise workflow management and project quality assurance.

Limitations of the Growth Workspace Plan

  • No Single Sign-On (SSO): The absence of Single Sign-On support can be a significant limitation for larger organizations that rely on SSO for streamlined and secure user management.
  • Limited Support Options: The plan offers email support but does not include dedicated support such as a Customer Success Manager, which might be essential for teams requiring immediate and extensive support.

Core vs. Growth vs. Enterprise Workspace Plan for In-House Teams Comparison

Feature Core ($19) Growth ($49) Enterprise
Team size Up to 3 users Up to 9 users Unlimited users
Full design access role Yes Yes Yes
Content editing role Yes Yes Yes
Billing permissions Yes Yes Yes
Publishing permissions - Yes Yes
Free Agency or Freelancer Guests Up to 2 guests Up to 2 guests Up to 10 guests
Free commenters Up to 10 commenters Up to 10 commenters Up to 30 commenters
Webflow.io staging sites 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Pages per staged site 150 150 Custom
Custom code Yes Yes Yes
Site password protection Yes Yes Yes
Remove Webflow badge on staged sites - Yes Yes
Launch with a custom domain Requires a site plan Requires a site plan Requires a site plan
Site transfer Yes Yes Yes
Code export Yes Yes Yes
Site activity log - - Yes
Page branching - - Yes
Branch staging - - Yes
Private staging - - Yes
Publishing workflows - - Yes
Publish summary - - Yes
Advanced permissions - - Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes Yes
Single sign-on - - Yes
Support Email Email Customer success manager
Payment Credit Card Credit Card Invoice


  • The most advanced plan available for in-house teams, offering maximum features and limits, short of the enterprise-level option.
  • The plan empowers teams with precise control over site publishing and a professional presentation with the ability to remove Webflow branding in the production stage.
  • With no limit on staging sites and 150 static pages per site, it's ideal for teams juggling several web projects or needing room for detailed development.

Contact us if you're looking to expand your team's capabilities. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding how the Webflow Growth Workspace Plan can streamline your projects and enhance your team's productivity.

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FAQ about Webflow’s Growth Workspace Plan


Can small businesses benefit from the Growth Plan?

Yes, small businesses with multiple projects or growing teams can greatly benefit from the extended capabilities of the Growth Plan.


What makes the Growth Plan ideal for medium-sized teams?

Its support for up to nine users, unlimited staging sites, and advanced security options make it ideal for medium-sized teams.


Is it easy to transition from the Core to Growth Plan as our team expands?

Yes, transitioning between plans is seamless, allowing teams to scale up their workspace as they grow.


How does the unlimited staging site feature enhance web development?

Unlimited staging sites allow teams to work on multiple projects concurrently, offering flexibility and efficiency in the development process.


Are there any additional costs associated with the Growth Plan?

The plan’s cost is per user, with no hidden fees, providing clear and predictable budgeting for teams.