Webflow Freelancer Workspace Plan

Webflow Freelancer Workspace PlanWebflow Freelancer Workspace Plan
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The Webflow Freelancer Workspace Plan caters to the unique needs of freelance web designers and small agency teams. It is the cheaper of the two Webflow Workspace plans suitable for freelancers and agencies. This plan offers a good balance of features and pricing, making it an excellent choice for professionals managing multiple client projects.

Our comprehensive Webflow pricing article goes over all of the various plans Webflow offers, and can be of great help to advise clients on what site plans to choose for their projects.

Freelancer Workspace Plan Costs

  • $16 per user/month when billed yearly (yearly total $192 per user)
  • $24 per user/month when billed monthly (yearly total $288 per user)

Opting for yearly billing can lead to 33% in cost savings.

Who Is It Suited For?

  • Freelance Web Designers: Ideal for independent professionals looking for a versatile platform to manage client projects efficiently.
  • Small Agency Teams: Suitable for small web design agencies needing a collaborative space with essential design and project management tools.

What You Can Use It For?

  • Client Space Access: Easily join client workspaces as a guest. This feature is highly beneficial for freelancers and small agencies looking to work directly within a client's Webflow environment, enhancing collaboration and streamlining the workflow.
  • Code Export: Take advantage of the code export functionality, allowing for a smooth handoff of completed projects to clients, particularly useful when clients prefer to manage future updates or hosting externally.
  • Full Dynamic Site Build: Utilize the full range of CMS features, crucial for developing detailed and dynamic websites on a staging domain, even before a paid site plan is attached.

Key Features of the Freelancer Workspace Plan

  • Custom Code Integration: The ability to add custom code, unlocking advanced functionality and unique design capabilities. This feature is essential for creating unique and complex solutions.
  • Expansive Staging Capabilities: Up to 10 Webflow.io staging sites, each supporting up to 150 static pages. This allows for extensive project development and client demonstrations.
  • Full CMS Access: The ability to use Webflow’s CMS features in full (10,000 CMS items) on staging sites. This way you are not limited to the number of collections and items you can have on a site without a paid site plan.

Limitations of the Freelancer Workspace Plan

  • Limited User Capacity: The plan supports up to three users, which may be constraining for larger teams or collaborative projects involving multiple stakeholders.
  • No Removal of Webflow Branding on Staging Sites: This plan does not allow for the removal of the Webflow badge from staging sites, potentially impacting the professional presentation during client reviews.
  • Lack of Granular Publishing Permissions: The plan does not offer the option to manage publishing permissions on a site-by-site basis, limiting the control over who can publish specific projects.

Starter (Free) vs. Freelancer vs. Agency Workspace Plan Comparison

Feature Starter (Free) Freelancer ($16) Agency ($35)
Team size 1 user Up to 3 users Up to 9 users
Full design access role Yes Yes Yes
Content editing role - Yes Yes
Billing permissions - Yes Yes
Publishing permissions - - Yes
Free Agency or Freelancer Guests Up to 2 guests Up to 2 guests Up to 2 guests
Free commenters Up to 2 commenters Up to 10 commenters Up to 10 commenters
Webflow.io staging sites 2 10 Unlimited
Pages per staged site 2 150 150
Custom code - Yes Yes
Site password protection - Yes Yes
Remove Webflow badge on staged sites - - Yes
Launch with a custom domain Requires a site plan Requires a site plan Requires a site plan
Site transfer Yes Yes Yes
Code export - Yes Yes
Support Email Email Email
Payment - Credit Card Credit Card


  • Tailored to meet the needs of solo designers and small teams, offering a balanced range of features that enhance their web design and development process.
  • 10 staging sites and the capability for 150 static pages per site, freelancers and small agencies can efficiently manage multiple projects.
  • Full CMS access, allowing the creation of dynamic content-rich websites. Additionally, custom code integration empowers users to add unique functionalities and personalization to their projects.

Reach out to us for personalized guidance on how this plan can optimize your project management and enhance your creative workflow.

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FAQ about Webflow’s Freelancer Workspace Plan


How does the Freelancer Plan support client project management?

The Freelancer Plan supports client project management by offering up to 10 Webflow.io staging sites for building and showcasing projects. Each site can have up to 150 static pages, allowing freelancers to effectively develop, test, and present detailed project prototypes to clients.


Can freelancers collaborate with others on the Freelancer Plan?

Yes, freelancers can collaborate with others on the Freelancer Plan. It accommodates up to three users, enabling small teams or collaborations with other freelancers. Additionally, the plan allows joining client workspaces as guests, facilitating seamless teamwork and project coordination.


What are the main differences between the Freelancer and Core Workspace Plans?

The main differences between the Freelancer and Core Workspace Plans include the number of available Webflow.io staging sites and the user capacity. The Freelancer Plan offers 10 staging sites and supports up to three users, tailored for freelance professionals and small teams. In contrast, the Core Plan is geared towards small in-house teams with different collaboration and management tools.


Is the Freelancer Plan sufficient for a small web design agency?

Yes, the Freelancer Plan is generally sufficient for a small web design agency. Its features like 10 staging sites, full CMS access, and custom code capabilities are well-suited for managing multiple client projects and presenting professional prototypes.


When should I upgrade to a Freelancer Plan?

Upgrade to the Freelancer Plan when managing multiple client projects, needing more than two staging sites, requiring full CMS access, or when project handovers involve code export. It’s ideal for those who've outgrown the Starter Plan's limits and seek enhanced collaboration with up to two team members.