How do I Cancel My Webflow Subscription?

How do I Cancel My Webflow Subscription?How do I Cancel My Webflow Subscription?
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This guide outlines the steps to downgrade your site or workspace plan and how to delete your account with the assistance of Webflow support.

Downgrading Your Webflow Site Plan

Step 1: Access Your Webflow Dashboard

Log into your Webflow account. You’ll be taken directly to your dashboard, where all your sites and workspace details are available.

Step 2: Managing Your Site Plan

To downgrade your site plan, select the workspace, then choose the specific site you want to manage. Click on the site's settings and locate the 'Plans' section.

Step 3: Downgrade Your Site Plan

In the 'Plans' section, you’ll see options to downgrade or upgrade your plan. To downgrade, select the Starter plan or the most suitable plan for your needs.

Step 4: Confirming the Downgrade

Follow the prompts to confirm the downgrade. Remember, downgrading will adjust your site's features according to the Starter plan's offerings.

Downgrading Your Workspace Plan

Step 1: Navigate to Your Workspace

From your dashboard, access the workspace you wish to manage.

Step 2: Go to the 'Plans' Section

In your workspace, find and click on the 'Plans' option.

Step 3: Select a New Plan

Choose to downgrade your workspace plan to the Starter plan, or whichever plan fits your current needs.

Step 4: Confirm the Downgrade

Confirm your selection and accept any changes. This will adjust your workspace to the confines of the chosen plan.

Deleting Your Webflow Account

Step 1: Account Settings and Security

Under 'Account Settings', head over to the 'Security' tab. Here, you'll find the option to delete your account.

Step 2: Contacting Support

As per Webflow's protocol, account deletion must be handled through their support. Click on the 'contact support' link provided in the account deletion section.

Step 3: Delete Account Request

Navigate through Webflow’s Support menu to get to ‘Delete Account Request’. There you will have to confirm your Email address and click ‘Submit’. 

Does Webflow provide refunds?

Webflow generally does not offer refunds, as stated in section 8 of their Terms of Service. If you believe there’s been an error or you have a special case, contacting customer support is the recommended course of action. They may offer account credit, a promo code, or, in rare cases, a refund.


  • Downgrading your Webflow subscription or deleting your account is a streamlined process, done in a few easy steps.
  • Webflow's customer support stands ready to assist, whether you're adjusting your plan or considering account deletion, providing a safety net for any issues or questions.
  • While refunds are not typically provided, Webflow's support team may offer alternative solutions such as account credits or promo codes for exceptional cases.

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FAQ about How to cancel a Webflow Subscription


Can I cancel my Webflow subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Webflow subscription at any time. Navigate to the 'Plans' section of your site or workspace settings and select the downgrade option to the Starter plan, which effectively cancels your paid subscription.


How do I cancel Webflow auto renewal?

To manage auto-renewal for your Webflow subscription, you can remove your payment method in the site's 'Billing' tab. This won't cancel your current subscriptions, but they will remain active until the end of the billing cycle. Without a payment method, your subscriptions won't renew and will be downgraded to the Starter plans once the billing period lapses. This effectively prevents any future charges and stops auto-renewal.


Can I delete my Webflow account?

You can delete your Webflow account by visiting the 'Account Settings' and 'Security' tab, but you must contact Webflow support to complete the process. They will provide instructions and help verify your identity to ensure secure account deletion.


What happens if I stop paying Webflow?

If you stop paying for Webflow, your account will be downgraded to the free Starter plan. You'll lose access to premium features, and if your site usage exceeds the free plan limits, it may be unpublished until you either reduce the resource usage or upgrade your plan again.


Can I get a refund from Webflow subscription?

Webflow generally does not offer refunds as per their Terms of Service. However, if there's been an error or a special situation, you can contact customer support. They may offer account credits, promo codes, or in exceptional cases, a refund.