Webflow Migration Services

Tunel Studio as a Webflow agency specializes in migrating websites to Webflow, enhancing your site’s functionality and aesthetic appeal while maintaining its SEO ranking and data integrity.

Benefits of Migrating to Webflow

Migrating to Webflow offers a variety of benefits:

Design Freedom: Escape the constraints of standard templates, or a blog platform like WordPress with Webflow’s visual design interface (Designer) for web development.

Integrated CMS: Manage your content effortlessly with Webflow’s powerful built-in CMS, eliminating the need for external plugins.

Performance Boost: We help you experience fast load times and optimal functionality with a new website crafted on Webflow.

No Plugin Hassles: Webflow’s all-in-one approach means less time spent managing plugins and worrying about security threats.

Responsive Design: Easily create web designs that adapt to any device. It is easy work to make the user experience as good as possible with Webflow.

Enhanced SEO: Fine-tune every search-related detail with the use of built-in SEO tools in Webflow.

Cost-Effective: Over the long term, Webflow is often a more financially sensible choice in website development. No need for code and expensive developers.

Regular Updates: Benefit from Webflow with their ongoing feature enhancements, refinements and free resources.

Security: With features like SSL, consistent backups, and fortified hosting, Webflow prioritizes your website’s security.

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Our Migration Approach

We begin by evaluating your current website, identifying key elements and goals. Next, we develop a tailored plan for migrating to Webflow, ensuring each step is clear and manageable. Our team then executes this plan with precision, focusing on maintaining your site's web performance and SEO. The process is straightforward, designed to upgrade your website with minimal disruption. No matter of business size, whether you're a small company or enterprise.

Pre-Migration Checklist: Our team assesses your website structure, prepares your data for Webflow, and documents any current integrations or plugins, before we start to migrate.

Custom Migration Plan: We design a Webflow migration strategy personalized to your website’s needs.

Step-by-Step Guide: From setting up your Webflow account, building the website, to importing data and diving into design, we guide you through each step.

Quality Assurance: Extensive testing in Webflow ensures your website is fully functional and optimized post-migration.

Post-Migration Support: Our team of experts remains available for any tweaks, updates, development, Webflow maintenance or concerns post-migration.

Zero Downtime: We ensure your website remains operational throughout the full Webflow migration process.

A seamless transition to Webflow was crucial for us, and Tunel Studio delivered. Our website not only retained its SEO rankings but also improved them as well as a gain in terms of performance and SEO.
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Portfolio Highlights
Antonia Schäfer - Freelance Journalist & Reporter

Antonia Schäfer - Freelance Journalist & Reporter

ZIRUS - Governmental Employment Initiative

ZIRUS - Governmental Employment Initiative

Purdy Jobs - Construction Management App

Purdy Jobs - Construction Management App

FAQs about Webflow Migration


How do I migrate my Webflow site?

Our expert team handles the entire process, ensuring a smooth transition to the Webflow platform. If you want to learn all of the details, from Figma design to the finished new Webflow website build, we are available for you during the whole migration process.


Does site migration affect SEO?

We take every measure to ensure your SEO rankings are preserved during migrations. Keep in mind, the right platform can make SEO easier, but it's independent of all the platforms.


How long does a website migration take?

The best timeline varies depending on the complexity of your current website and your new Webflow website. We strive for efficiency without sacrificing quality. You need to take into consideration additional factors like changing your design or adding additional functionality in the process of creating your new Webflow website.


How do I plan a website migration?

Planning just involves assessing your current website and scope of work, outlining the migration process, and setting timelines for all of the necessary work.


What is needed for website migration?

Key requirements include easy access to your current site, a clear understanding of your needs, and a planned approach to migration onto the Webflow platform.

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