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EcoNest is an eco-friendly brand committed to providing sustainable products for everyday living. Their mission is to offer a dynamic and inspiring approach to conscious consumption, empowering individuals to make environmentally conscious choices without sacrificing style or quality.

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/02 The challenge


Our challenge was to create a visual identity that captured EcoNest's commitment to sustainable living while embodying a dynamic and inspiring spirit. We aimed to design a brand that would resonate with eco-conscious consumers, conveying the brand's passion for positive change and motivating individuals to make conscious choices.

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/03 final words

Ready to make an impact

With a thoughtful and impactful visual identity in place, EcoNest is ready to make a lasting impact in the market. The brand now stands as a symbol of both conscious living and an energizing approach, inspiring individuals to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

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“EcoNest's visual identity beautifully captures our brand's dedication to conscious living and an energizing approach.”

Valeria Rubina
Founder, EcoNest